5 Benefits of Smart Locks Which Will Help Improve Your Everyday Life


5 Benefits of Smart Locks Which Will Help Improve Your Everyday Life

A smart lock can make your everyday life more convenient, while providing peace of mind and safety. Read on to learn how:

1. Never forget or lose keys again
It happens all the time – keys are left on the table when leaving in a hurry, they slip from pockets or get lost while rummaging through your purse. If that sounds familiar, you might want to consider a smart lock to prevent standing in front of a locked door after a busy day ever again. A smart lock will turn your smartphone into a virtual key, enabling you to lock or unlock your door with a simple touch on your display. Not only is your phone bigger than a simple key, it is also the most important gadget in our lives and therefore much less prone to be lost or forgotten. Plus, substituting it for your keys equals one less thing to carry!

2. Manage access without handing out mechanical keys
Handing out mechanical keys can be risky – they might get lost or copied – especially if given to strangers e.g. if you rent your apartment on short-term vacation platforms like Airbnb. Switching to virtual keys, which can be granted through an app and transform any smartphone into a key, eliminates the risks associated with physical keys and, besides, makes personal meetings for key-exchange unnecessary, thus saving time and effort for both parties.

3. Monitor who comes and goes
Ever wondered whether your kids or spouse are already home? With a smart lock, you can monitor when and by who your door has been locked or unlocked, resulting not only in increased safety, but also peace of mind and convenience by knowing your loved ones arrived home safely.

4. Give service providers time limited access
How many times have you stayed home only because you were expecting a delivery or to let your cleaner or pet sitter in? Or – even worse – hidden the keys under flowerpots on your front porch? Make the tedious waiting and unsafe hiding-places a thing of the past by granting time limited virtual access through your smart lock app. This will enable service providers to enter your house during the selected time slot only, unlocking and locking your door conveniently from their smartphones. You can also check when they arrived and left, making it easy to monitor their work time, while leaving you free to plan independently, knowing all is cared for and completely safe.

5. Never worry if you locked the door again
If you have ever hurriedly left the house in the morning, still half-asleep, and then worried all day long whether you locked the front door, a smart lock might be a good investment in your peace of mind. You can check the status of your door via your smartphone app or on your internet account and lock remotely should it turn out that you really have left the door open. Or, to put the issue completely off your mind, just set an Auto-lock function, so your smart lock will automatically lock after you went out – completely fail- and foolproof.