Company Name Linough Inc.
Business activities
  • Development of systems and applications for real estate management, infrastructure for real estate management websites.
  • Manufacturing and sales of hardware products for real estate management.
Establishment Nov. 2014
Address Sudachō 2-1-1,The Park Rex Sudachō 8F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041, Japan
Tel. +81-3-5298-6696
Fax. +81-3-5298-6697
CEO Kiyoshi Takizawa

Certification registration number ISMS / 0393
This certification is certified by JISSA

Privacy Mark
Certificate number 10824549

Corporate Philosophy

Solid value to your real estate

Our company strives to revolutionize the real estate industry through new technology and services. Why real estate? We live in real estate every day when getting up in the morning, working, eating and sleeping, and during our free time when having fun or going for coffee. All these activities are done in some kind of real estate facility. Therefore, revolutionizing real estate means revolutionizing our entire lives.
However, our objective is not to construct buildings full of the latest technology. Rather, we explore how already existing real estate can be used even easier and smarter through the Internet and smartphones. In such a way, we believe that we can increase spaces for private and shared use in people's professional and leisure lives.
In recent years the number of used real estate has increased due to the drop in Japan's population numbers. In total, there are currently approximately 9 Million housing vacancies and 4.3 Million unoccupied apartments. Society will change drastically if we succeed in making use of these underexploited facilities.
Linough brings actual value to real estate online and offline, using hard- and software.

Team Introduction

滝沢 潔CEO
Kiyoshi Takizawa
Born 1982 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
After working as an asset management consultant and real estate investment lecturer for Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Mr. Takizawa founded the real estate system development company Linough Co. Ltd. He has started to invest in real estate at the age of 24 and became the owner of 4 buildings and condominiums. He holds a 1st. grade FP professional CFP and Certified Master's by the Real Estate Securitization Association.
野瀬 陽一Developement division
Yoichi Nose
After joining a system development company, he was in charge for building core systems for the manufacturing industry. Mr. Nose is currently in charge of application development.
椎名 健太Developement division
Kenta Shiina
In his previous position at a website production company, he was in charge of website development lead. Mr. Shiina is currently in charge of web browser application development.
佐々木 剛General affairs division
Takeshi Sasaki
Mr. Sasaki was working in management support at a tax accounting consulting company. He is currently in charge of administration, focusing on accounting, finance and labor.
杉村 空Sales division
Akira Sugimura
矢嶋 惠亮Sales division
Keisuke Yajima
土屋 健太朗Developement division
Kentaro Tsuchiya
Mr. Tsuchiya was working in programing at a website production company, He is currently in charge of web aplication programing ( PHP, Node.js, webAPI ).
小田 紗紀General affairs division
Saki Oda
In her previous position at a website production company, she was in charge of system development lead. Ms. Oda is currently in charge of general affairs and accounting.
永井 麻琴Developement division
Makoto Nagai