Case Study: Lifork Co-working Space in Ōtemachi, Tokyo

Work Lounge at Lifork Otemachi co-working space

Case Study: Lifork Co-working Space in Ōtemachi, Tokyo

As we are facing a fundamental change in work styles, co-working spaces and shared offices are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true for big metropolises around the globe with their growing number of highly skilled freelance professionals, business travelers and rich startup culture. At the same time, the rising demand for flexible and convenient workspaces is calling for new solutions for booking and accessing the facilities, irrespective of temporal or local restrictions. Needless to say, these needs are hard to satisfy with a traditional reservation software, which doesn’t offer an access solution, therefore limiting use to regular business hours or requiring nighttime staff, which results in additional operating costs. New technologies like internet-connected devices, combined with intelligent, tailormade cloud software, however, are well up to the challenge of automating reservation and access management of facilities and are adding greatly to the convenience of users while at the same time saving costs for operators.

The sophisticated co-working space Lifork Ōtemachi operated by Japanese company NTT Urban Development Corporation in the Ōtemachi business district of Tokyo is an excellent example of how IoT technologies and cloud services can add value to short-time space rental businesses both for consumers and operators.

Lifork Ōtemachi offers users not only a chic work lounge and private offices, but also event spaces, meeting rooms, shower rooms and even a day-care center for children. While staff is tending to client’s needs during daytime hours, after hours and during nighttime meeting rooms and shower rooms can be reserved online and accessed by virtual keys sent to the user’s smartphone, adding even more flexibility to the overall experience. This is made possible by Linough’s original smart lock and our innovative cloud service Smart Booking, which allows users to select and book a certain time slot, process payment and finally access the facility during the reserved schedule, using the virtual key received on their smartphone or web account. The software is a one stop solution for operators, including reservation management, customer management, online payment and access management functions. Combined with the necessary connected hardware, it is a powerful tool for automation of short-term rental space businesses like co-working spaces and shared offices.

As with Lifork Ōtemachi, it’s the extra convenience and service provided by IoT devices and cloud software that sets a co-working space apart from the many others opening in every major city around the globe. Operators employing this new technology will not only gain a decisive competitive advantage, they can also be sure to offer the newest and most innovative service experience to their clients.