• Ninja Lock M

    Ninja Lock M

    A new smart lock for rental homes, developed with one of the most advanced lock companies in Japan, Miwa Lock. While keeping the basic function like operation from smartphone / card key / PIN code, it can also be managed without keys during both while vacant and occupant. *Only available in Japan

  • Ninja Lock

    Ninja Lock

    NinjaLock is a smart lock that enables door unlocking and locking just with your smartphone. No need for door remodeling or connection to electricity network (battery powered). Sharing digital keys via your web browser or smartphone makes the exchange of physical spare keys unnecessary. A new generation of door lock system that can be used for homes, offices, share houses and more!

  • Ninja Entrance

    Ninja Entrance

    Ninja Entrance enables remote unlocking functionalities just by installation of the device on your existing entrance. They system also enables unlocking from the smartphone application. There is no need for massive remodeling/constructions on the existing door.


  • スマート物確


    You can respond to the property check phone 24 hours a day, 365 days, with automatic voice on behalf of people. We will identify the property by voice recognition and respond to the property information. Response items · The sentences can be changed so that you can set the response contents by time and day of the week.

  • スマート内覧


    Smart Nairan is a remote facility viewing system, which allows to issue/send digital keys to interested parties wanting to visit properties (such as apartments for rent etc.) via the Internet. No more risks of loosing physical keys and no more hassle with complicated booking reservations!

  • スマートブッキング


    Smart Booking is a share office, coworking space management web system. It allows easy rental of spaces on your simple settings. Payment can also be processed through the site.

  • スマート会議室


    Smart Kaigishitsu is a remote office space booking system, which allows to issue/send digital keys to individuals for conference room usage over the Internet. It allows easy rental of office spaces in 30-minute units based on your settings. Payment can also be processed through the site.